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Collaboration between Azerbaijan and Indonesia in the 100th Independence Celebration

"Without the ideology of a country can’t rise.
Economics is important and the economy will work on ideology."
Cake on Azerbaijan 100th Anniversary
Captured by. Linda Erlina
On Wednesday, May 2, 2018, Azerbaijan has been celebrated the 100th anniversary of the country in Bali Room, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta. Blogger Eksis is one of the invited guests who had the opportunity to attend the event. In addition, some important people also came, such as Asman Abnur (the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia), Oesman Sapta Odang as DPD Chairman, Poppy Dharsono (designer), Yusuf Mansyur (cleric), and Mrs. Ganira Pashayeva (parliamentary delegate Women Milli Mejlis).

Heydar Aliyev dari Azerbaijan

After the long struggle to the last drop of blood against the powerful occupiers of Azerbaijan, finally 100 years ago, on 28 May 1918, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was established. The declaration of independence was announced in Tbilisi (the current capital of Georgia). Heydar Aliyev's name is called the founder of Azerbaijan which establishes the foundations of the country not only a scratch track of history, but converts Azerbaijan region into a more modern.

1st century Azerbaijan recalls the establishment of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Azerbaijan since 1992. Both countries are mutually supportive in international cooperation. Moreover, Indonesia and Azerbaijan have a background as a country with the majority of Muslim population. Inter-state friendships are characterized by various mutually-built embassy activities to equate understanding in the form of collaboration.

For 26 years diplomatic relations have been collaborated on various fields. Achievements gained in 2009 for the first time Azerbaijan offers a Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs (MADIA) scholarship program for young Indonesian diplomats in Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy. Meanwhile, Pusdiklat Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships for diplomats Madja Azerbajian level since 2011.

Continuing in the context of socio-cultural collaboration, the Government of Indonesia has made positive development through the establishment of the Indonesian Studies Center in Baku and Azerbaijan Corner at the University of Indonesia. Since April 2012, Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(AUL) established the Center for Indonesian Studies. It promotes the understanding and learning of Indonesian language and culture for Azerbaijan students. The Indonesian Studies Center at AUL collaborated with the Indonesian Embassy in Baku.

Gajah Mada University in Jogjakarta also teaches the principles of multiculturalism developed by Azerbaijan. Collaboration has also been formed in batik workshops and exhibitions in Azerbaijan featuring batik designers from Yogyakarta as speakers. There is also the development of Pencak Silat Center in Azerbaijan because indonesian actor who is good at silat like Iko Uwais has many fans there. All forms of collaboration are intended as a means of promote cultural exchange between the two countries.

For the collaboration of public services, the Government of Indonesia has also adopted the concept that has been done by Azerbaijan since 2017. This is marked by the signing of the MoU on the Cooperation of Public Service Delivery. The success of Azerbaijan Service and Assessment Network (ASAN) as the best public service in the world has been acknowledged for being awarded United Nations Public Service Award 2015. Indonesia has started to implement Public Service Mall in several big cities such as Jakarta, Banyuwangi, Surabaya, Denpasar, Batam, and Tomohon for the simplification of the bureaucratic process in order to obtain the ease of growing business. This diversification of bilateral collaboration is expected to provide sustainable benefits for both parties, both for Indonesia and Azerbaijan.

Hope in the future, Azerbaijan can re-collaborate with Indonesia in the energy field. The strength of this cooperation will enhance the integration of upstream and downstream industries in Indonesia to the fullest. The potential of Azerbaijan encourages adequate business cooperation in addition to collaboration in the field of humanity, culture, and politics that have been done before.

Azerbaijan has a global and regional role in trade towards national economic integration. Azerbaijan has been known to have large oil and gas resources. Azerbaijan's imports of crude oil to Indonesia is ranked second only to Saudi Arabia in 2011. This is the turnover of bilateral trade between the two countries so that mutual benefit.
Such conditions also make Azerbaijan State dubbed a country of flood. This is based on the potential of heat energy resources that can be produced in large quantities. The World Economic Forum Davos also ranked Azerbaijan's 35th economy in terms of competitiveness and as the third in terms of inclusive development among developing countries.
Suasana Ibukota Azerbaijan zaman dahulu

Independence Celebration Azerbaijan

At the event, Blogger Eksis was greeted with melodies from traditional Azerbaijan instruments and traditional percussion instruments that accompanied the invited guests into the magnificent room. The combination of these musical instruments produces a unique sound. It sounded calmer as if my ears heard the music from the Middle East.

After all the invited guests entering the room, the host started to celebrate 100 years of Azerbaijan state by singing the national anthem of Indonesia Raya and the national song from Azerbaijan. The atmosphere was so vibrant with the pride of nationalist souls echoing indoors.
Suasana ulang tahun Azerbaijan di Indonesia

One by one speech was given. There is a long, dark history of a country that is precisely located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Indonesia, H.E. Dr. Tamerlan Garayev explains that the collapse of the Russian Empire in the early 20th century provided an opportunity for Azerbaijans to become independent and establish their own state. He became a key witness when Azerbaijan left the Soviet Union during the period 1990-1991 when he served as Vice Chairman of the Supreme Council or the Supreme Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan people have a very conventional culture, history, and tradition of the state. However, natural resources and strategic location are of concern to other countries to collaborate. Even the pressure on this country continues with genocide and aggression that is destructive and life-threatening to its inhabitants. Thus, the people of Azerbaijan have never lost the desire and determination in terms of independence.

Azerbaijan continues to rise and open to the world. Though it is still overshadowed by the conflict of schools with neighboring countries, Armenia. Azerbaijan is able to position itself as a global developing country. International events have been held such as the First European Games in Baku 2015, Fourth Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017, and Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix this year.

Despite the fall, Azerbaijan has been able to promote national ideas of multiculturalism, gender equality, democracy, religious tolerance, cultural dialogue, sponsorship, humanitarian initiative, and many other international events. All this is done for the sake of regional and global cooperation for peace and prosperity on the world political map.

At the end of the 20th century, the state of Azerbaijan became independent and declared its independence in the form of a state called the republic on 28 May. This anniversary celebration was brought forward because maybe if held on 28 May will coincide with the holy month of Ramadan is preferred for Muslims to increase worship.
A country directly neighboring Iran and Armenia and headed by President Ilham Aliyev since 2003 has the historical roots of Azerbaijan with a useful heritage to determine the direction of the future progress of the nation. The history of the past has indeed passed. The greeting was over, the hospitality began. Invited guests are welcome to enjoy the typical cuisine of Azerbaijan and Indonesia that has been provided.

Example of Azerbaijan Culinary
Azerbaijan Culinary

While enjoyed the meal, two famous musicians from Azerbaijan returned to play their traditional musical instruments. The musical instrument "tar" is played by Shahriyar Imanov with his fingers strumming the strings rhythmically. While the musical instrument "naghara" began to be beaten Shukur Aliyev to issue a sound so bright.
The melodious chant of the instrument made the invited guests dominated by the Azerbaijani population begin to descend to the floor. They dance while shaking both hands from top to bottom with stomping feet that match the rhythm of the music. Over time they formed a circle to dance together. The traditional dance is often called Milli Reqs. I sees this dance mix of dance and ballet to the accompaniment of music from the East. Like the eastern and western cultures that blend into a marvelous unity.

Blogger Eksis was deeply honored to have been invited to the Azerbaijan centennial celebration that night. A very lively and memorable birthday party. Happy birthday to the government and people of Azerbaijan Republic 100th. May the 100,000 Azerbaijans slaughtered by the Bolshevik militia and the Army of the Federation of Armenia hundred years ago died in glorious circumstances. I hopes that the collaboration between Azerbaijan and Indonesia will also provide sustainable benefits as Indonesia always maintains foreign relations based on economic interests.

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