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Celebration of the Azerbaijan Anniversary in Indonesia

Blogger Eksis attend the 101st anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Azerbaijan has entered the map of world politics. The life of this country adheres to democratic principles like the majority of other countries that have Muslim populations. Azerbaijan continues to get attention because it has a historical heritage that leads to national civilization to progress.
Although the traditions and culture of Azerbaijani state look classic, some of his country's places have been built in a modern way. Natural resources and strategic locations attract other countries to work together. In addition, the hospitality of the Azerbaijani people has never faded since the country became independent.
the 101st anniversary of the Azerbaijan

Alhamdulillah, Blogger Eksis got the second chance to attend the 101st anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the 100year diplomatic year of Azerbaijan - Indonesia. This event was held at the Indonesia Kempinski Hotel, Central Jakarta on Monday evening (29/4). The atmosphere of the event was almost the same as the previous year. It's just that there is no dance that can make the event more festive.
Among the invited guests present were several public figures. Just mention the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, Sofjan Djalil, member of the DPR-RI, Muthia Hafidz, Indonesian Islamist da’I, Bachtiar Nasir, and designer, Poppy Dharsono. They were seen enjoying a series of events held until the end.
The event was opened by singing the national anthem of Indonesia and the national anthem of the country of Azerbaijan. After that each representative of the two countries went on stage to give a speech. From Azerbaijan, represented by Ruslan Nasibov as the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. While Indonesia was represented by Sofjan Djalil.
Azerbaijan Anniversary in Indonesia

In his remarks, the Azerbaijan State recognized freedom, multiculturalism, gender equality, cultural tolerance, and popular sovereignty. These values bring this country to develop rapidly so that it influences global integration. A strong commitment has made Azerbaijan continue to create world peace.
Ruslan Nasibov as the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Trade relations between Azerbaijan and Indonesia also continue. Azerbaijan considers that advanced technology in Indonesia can open cooperation in many ways to make Indonesian products marketed to the people of Azerbaijan. That way the economic strength of each country can be fulfilled.
‘This year Azerbaijan assumes chairmanship in Non-Aligned Movement and will host Summit of NAM on 21-26 October 2019 under theme “NAM Baku Summit: Upholding the Bandung Principles to ensure concerted and adequate response to the challenges of contemporary world”, we hope that Indonesia as one of the NAM founders will actively participate in the summit,’ wish by Mr. Ruslan.

PT. Pos Indonesia launched a special stamp with a map of Azerbaijan
As a form of appreciation, PT. Pos Indonesia launched a special stamp with a map of the country of Azerbaijan with its national flag. The stamp was given to establish better cooperation between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Azerbaijan which has been going on since 2007.
Azerbaijan recognizes that its country has great potential to further enhance and vary economic and humanitarian cooperation in many fields, such as investment, trade, tourism, transit and transportation, education, culture and others. Azerbaijan is keen to work together and explore more opportunities for bilateral cooperation with Indonesia in the coming years. For example, in the tourism industry.
As with Indonesia, tourist attractions in Azerbaijan are exotic. Especially those located in the city of Baku as well as the capital of the country of Azerbaijan. Muslim tourists can certainly choose Azerbaijan because they have historical heritage sites of Islam. There is the Bibi Heybat Mosque, which is a mosque that has a beautiful building in the middle because it is believed to be the tomb of the daughter of Ali Ibn Musa, the 8th priest of the Shiite group. We can also visit the Ateshgah Fire Temple. The ancient temple used as a place of worship in ancient times so that it was included in the list of UNESCO world heritage.
In the city of Baku many historical relics have been built with european architectural styles. Not only historical tourism, we can also enjoy cultural tourism and culinary tourism if we visit this country. Some places that can be recommended such as, Dagustu Park (a city park that is a place to see views of the entire city of Baku from a height). There were also Martyrs Alley or Martyrs Lane who were the tombs of thousands of Azerbaijanis who were victims of the Soviet invasion in 1990. The symbol of the modernity of Baku city was also seen in Heydar Aliyev Center. This place is an attractive location because there are museums and auditoriums equipped with several exhibition halls.
azerbaijan symbols are formed in watermelons
Cleanliness and halal tourism in Azerbaijan is quite interesting to visit. But, it's just a glimpse of the story I heard last night. I could only try some Azerbaijani specialties that night.
The event continued with dinner. All invited guests who were present were free to eat the Azerbaijani cuisine that had been provided. The country's cuisine has many similarities to Iran and Turkish cuisine.
I tried the most famous dish of Azerbaijani cuisine and it is often called plov. This type of rice is given by kuma-kuma or saffron (the name for spices from the Crocus Sativus flower). The rice also appears yellow because there are additional herbs like turmeric. Plov can be served with various vegetables and processed beef, chicken, duck and fish.
Azerbaijani cuisine its often called plov
Another tempting dish to try is Lamb Shawarma Doner. This food is like a kebab that uses lamb as the main ingredient. The taste of meat that has been roasted is certainly appetizing plus a sauce or mayonnaise as a complement.
Azerbaijan dish is so called Lamb Shawarma Doner
There are also many salad dishes that we can choose. Some are processed from unique main ingredients, such as pomegranates. There are also salads prepared from salmon. It is said that this type of salad is often made because salmon is easily found in the Caspian Sea.
Many azerbaijan salad dishes

red bean salad from Azerbaijan

For dessert, we can choose balava or named shekerbura. This food is a kind of sweet pastry that has an almond, hazel nut, and walnut composition. For those who don't like sweetness, we can also choose bread baked in the oven or often called tandoor bread.

Azerbaijan dessert its so called shekerbura

tandir bread from Azerbaijan

The presentation of food is also increasingly unique because there are decorations of ice that form the flame tower or three skyscrapers. The Flame tower which became the tallest building in the city of Baku formed a tongue of fire and became an icon of Azerbaijan as a country of fire. The story of the three buildings functions as hotels, apartments, and offices.
the flame tower on ice decorations
All dishes have been successfully eaten. The evening event ended in the middle of the night which was getting late. All guests leave the room with an impression. Thanks for the invitation and see yaa next time.
Blogger Eksis in Hotel Kempinski
Jayalah terus Azerbaijan bersama Indonesia yang adil dan makmur!!

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